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2024 Autocross Series
Schedule and Results

Feb 4- Solo Winter Warmup Autocross @ Langley Speedway (Standalone Event)

Apr 28- Autocross #1 @ Southampton Motor Speedway

May 26- Autocross #2 @ Langley Speedway

Jun 23- Autocross #3 @ Langley Speedway

Jul 14- Autocross #4 @ Langley Speedway

Aug11- Autocross #5 @ Langley Speedway

Sep13- Autocross #6 @ Langley Speedway, Friday night event

Oct 6- Autocross #7 @ Southampton Motor Speedway

Nov 2- Autocross #8 @ Langley Speedway, Saturday event

Solo Schedule

7:00 AM Gate Open (Setup Workers Only)
7:30 AM Gate Open to General Public

8:30 AM Registration/Tech Opens

9:30 AM Registration/Tech Closes

9:30 AM Novice Walk-Thru

10:00 AM Mandatory Drivers Meeting
10:30 AM First Car Off

Everyone over the age of 17 attending our SCCA Auto-X events either as a driver, passenger, or spectator must read and sign our Insurance Waiver at Registration.  No exceptions!!!  Anyone under the age of 18 that intends to drive, ride as passenger, or work on the course must have an annual SCCA Minor Release Waiver signed by both parents/guardians prior to being allowed to participate.  Spectators under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and hope that you enjoy our events.
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