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Rules & Site Regulations

The Drivers Meeting is mandatory for all drivers. 

If you can't make the 10 A.M. Drivers Meeting because of work requirements or extended traveling distance to Hampton Roads, notify the Solo chair ahead of time to get his permission to arrive late.  (We have to arrange a separate briefing for you before you can run.)  Otherwise, don't bother coming out to the event because you won't run!

Drivers are cautioned to exercise the "two-foot" rule while out on course. 
Simply stated, if your car starts to break loose during a run, put one foot on the clutch and the other foot on the brake.  Both feet go to the floorboard simultaneously until you regain control of your vehicle.  (If you have an automatic transmission, both feet go on the brake and then to the floorboard.)  If you are out of control on the course, you will be red-flagged and lose your run!  

No hot-dogging (intentional donuts, burnouts, drifting, etc.) allowed at any time during the event! 
Violators will lose their runs and/or be asked to leave the event.  Habitual offenders will be denied entry to future events.  Safety is paramount at Solo events due to the close proximity of vehicles and people on the course.

No nitrous oxide bottles allowed! 
If you have nitrous oxide injection installed in your car, leave the bottle at home if you want to run.

If you are red-flagged, come to an immediate stop off of the course's driving line.
You may be leaking fluids, have a mechanical defect, there may be a timing malfunction, or course workers out on the course itself.  Wait for a course worker to come out and tell you what the problem is before returning to the staging area.  If the problem is not your fault, you will get a rerun.  Otherwise, you will lose that run and not allowed to run again until the problem is corrected.

In the case of inclement weather or environmental conditions, the Solo Safety Steward (SSS) and/or the Event Steward must red flag the event under the following circumstances:

     - Fog or swirling dust precludes observation of any vehicle while on course by the SSS

     - Standing water (snow, hailstones, ice, etc.) on course presents a severe hydroplaning risk

     - Lighting is observed and the crack of thunder is heard within five seconds or less.

The red flag will remain in effect until the inclement weather or environmental conditions that caused the red flag have passed.  With lighting, a half hour must pass without any strikes within a mile of the event.
Course workers
You are not allowed to take pictures/shoot movies/talk on cell phones while working on the course.  No sitting or lounging at worker stations is allowed.  A minimum of two-course workers per station is required at all times.  One course worker must hold the red flag unfurled in one hand and the radio in the other.   Anyone desiring to go on course to take pictures/shoot movies must first check-in with the SSS and receive permission to go on course.  (The course is defined as any area outside the spectator viewing area, paddock, and grid.)  You must provide your own "spotter" to escort you at all times while on course.

Loaner helmets 
Available at the start of each heat.  You must surrender your driver's license in exchange for a helmet.  Drivers have first priority for helmets over passengers.  Please treat our loaner helmets with care.  If you break it, you own it!

On-line pre-registration system for car numbers opens approximately two weeks prior to the Solo event and closes at 12 noon the Friday before the event.  Pre-registration is a privilege, not a right.  If you abused the privilege by signing up and not showing without notifying the Region, you may find your privilege revoked and your numbers re-assigned at future events.

Registration will open at 8:30 A.M. and close at 9:30 A.M. the day of the event.  Anyone in line when registration closes will be processed. If you show up at registration after10 A.M. and you haven't made prior arrangements with us, you will be charged a $10 surcharge for late registration and late Tech.  For regional events only, T&S may re-classify any vehicle obviously misclassified, e.g., C5 Corvette in Street Touring Sportscar (STS), without prior consent of the vehicle's driver.  
Correct classification is the driver's responsibility per the Solo rule book!

Insurance Waiver
You must read & sign the insurance waiver to be allowed entry to the event if you are 18 or older.  Those under 18 must have either an Annual Minor Release on file with the region or have one filled out by both parents/legal guardians to participate as a driver (or passenger during fun runs).  Minors do not need an Annual Minor Release Waiver to view the event, but cannot participate nor venture into any "hot" areas, i.e., the course, grid, T&S, etc.).

No swapping of car numbers allowed. 
If you must run in an earlier heat, notify Registration; however, your car number will remain the same to preclude confusion at Timing & Scoring (T&S).   Two-driver vehicles can run in the same heat.  Three or more drivers for the same vehicle will be assigned to at least two different heats.   Requests to move-up to another heat will be honored in the order of sign-up on the Move-Up clipboard at registration.

Tech Inspection of Vehicle 
Tech opens at 8:30 A.M. and closes at 9:30 A.M. period. Please get your car inspected prior to walking the course. If you miss your Tech inspection, you cannot run.

The course will be available for walking after 8:30 A.M.  There will be no parades laps or drive-thrus.  The course closes at 10:00 A.M. or when the Drivers Meeting starts.  The course will be re-opened for last-minute walking after the end of the second heat for a five minute period.  Double cones on a gate indicate that the driver will pass thru that gate twice during the period of one run.  Triple cones mean that the driver will pass thru that gate three times during a single run.

Heats/Grid Requirements 
ODR runs 15-20 car heats.  Heat Three drivers work the first heat, Heat Four drivers work the second heat, Heat One drivers work the third heat, and Heat Two drivers work the fourth heat.  Every driver must work to receive any timed runs or points for that event!  If you make a habit of not working, you won't be allowed to participate in our events!

Starters will stage each car with at least one of its front wheels centered between the starting line pylons.
If you need to chirp your tires to clean off rocks/debris, wait until you leave the helmet area to do so!  Don't use the grid or paddock area for this task!  If you smoke your tires while cleaning them off, you lose your run!  (See "hot-dogging" under the Safety heading!)

Passengers are allowed on competition runs under the following rules:  (1) No one younger than 12 years old may ride as a passenger unless that individual is at least 57 inches tall (Solo Rule Book).  (2) Passengers under the age of 18 must have an Annual minor release waiver signed by both parents or legal guardian(s) on file with the regional Chief of Waivers.  (Forms are available at the front gate.)  (3)  A driver that is competing in the event, cannot use passenger runs to gain an unfair advantage over other competitors.  It is the duty of each competitor to use passenger runs only for instructional or course learning purposes.  (4) Passengers must keep their heads and arms inside the vehicle during the run as a safety precaution in case of a rollover.  (5)  Passengers must wear an approved helmet and be belted/strapped in at all times.  Filming or photographing during the run with hand-held cameras, cell phones, or video recorders is prohibited.

Passengers that are not registered as drivers and are not SCCA members must report to registration to fill out information for an SCCA Weekend membership for insurance coverage purposes. 
Each driver will receive 5-6 timed runs (weather/daylight permitting).   If a driver is red-flagged during a run for timing problems or conditions not under the control of the driver, that run will be scrubbed and the driver is given another opportunity to make up that timed run.  Penalties will not carry over to the next run.

If a vehicle has a re-run, a minimum of five (5) minutes between timed runs will be enforced (Solo Rule Book).  If you are the last car in a heat and you have a re-run coming, but haven’t completed the five minute waiting period, you will be bumped to the first car out in the next heat to accommodate the five-minute rule.  If there isn't another heat, you'll have to wait five minutes!
A downed pylon or an upright pylon displaced outside its box is a two-second +penalty.  Any of the following will result in a "Did Not Finish" (DNF):

     - A missed gate or taking out any cone after crossing the finish line
    - Two or more wheels off the concrete pad simultaneously 
    - Driving on the wrong side of a directional slalom cone  
    - Bypassing a course component, e.g., Chicago Box or a Stop Box

     - Driving an extra loop or adding additional gates out of sequence to the course is "Off Course" and results in a DNF.

Directional cones and information cones (pointers) do not count as a penalty if run over or knocked outside their chalked outline.  Chalked, upright cones on course including the starting gate cones count as penalties if hit during a run.  Upright cones after the finish beam may or may not be chalked, but will result in a DNF if knocked over.  When in doubt, check to see if the cone is chalked when you walk the course!

SCCA Official 2023 Rule Book
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