Solo Championship Series

1.  Individuals will compete in one or four different classes:  Novice ("N" suffix), Street Tire ("X" suffix); Ladies ("L" suffix); and Open (standard SCCA class abbreviations).   A competitor must choose one of these four classes at each event.    These classes may not be combined to produce hybrid classes, e.g., NX (novice street tire) or NL (novice ladies).  Series points are awarded based upon an individual's finishing position according to the PAX for the base class in which the individual is running.  (For example,  A Street Prepared (ASP) is the base class for ASPN, ASPL, and ASPX.  These four classes all share the same PAX for ASP in determing class standings.  For an explanation of how the PAX index works, go here.)
Those individuals that have never auto-xed before or that are new to auto-xing with less than six Solo (auto-x) events within the last 12 months may compete in the Novice class for one championship series only.
Those individuals driving in the Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared, or Modified classes only may compete in the Street Tire Class provided that their vehicle's DOT legal street tires have a minimum treadware rating of 200 or greater.   (Vehicles participating in the Street and Street Touring series cannot compete in the Street Tire class as these two classes mandate DOT legal street tires with a minimum treadware rating of 200 or greater.  Sorry!)
The Ladies class is open only to females.  (Sorry guys!!)
The Open class includes all SCCA classes as well as the region's supplemental classes open to both gents and ladies.
2.  A competitor's best six (6) finishes in a class will be counted towards the Regional series awards at the end of the year.  Although it is possible to win awards in more than one class, switching among Open, Street Tire, Novice, and Ladies classes during the year will LOWER your chances of winning an award in any class!  (You must participate in at least four events in the same class to be eligible for a class award - another reason not to split your runs over two or more classes!)
3.  Trophies will be given out in accordance with the Solo awards guidelines:  one trophy for one to three entrants; two trophies for four to six entrants in a class; three trophies for seven to nine entrants; and one additional trophy for every four additional entrants or fraction thereof  (e.g., six trophies for 18 entrants).  The number of trophies in each of the four classes will be based upon the average participation for the six events with the highest number of drivers in that class during the Solo Championship Series.

Past Solo Champions

2021 - Jeremiah Thomas  2020 - Jeremiah Thomas   
2019 - Steve Fehr    2018 - Steve Fehr 
2017 - Steve Fehr   
2016 - Andrew Carr    2015 - Steve Fehr     
2014 - Rusty English 
2013 - Jeff Rooney    2012 - Jeff Rooney   
2011 - Jacin Lisner   
2010 - Jacin Lisner    2009 - Bobby Smith   
2008 - Robb Davis   
2007 - Jim Haltom   2006 - David Martin   
2005 - Jacin Lisner   
2004 - Michael Harris   2003 - Jeff Chenery   
2002 - Ed Raymundo   
2001 - Dale Blankenship   2000 - Eric Bonnett