Old Dominion Region of the SCCA

The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) is a non-profit organization comprised of about 50,000 members who are dedicated to motorsports, primarily at the grassroots level. Active members enjoy many events offered by the SCCA including road racing, Solo events, and Rally. The SCCA is divided into divisions containing regions. The Old Dominion Region (Number 63) is part of the Southeast Division (SEDiv), which consists of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, middle & eastern Tennessee, the Blue Ridge/Shenendoah region of western Virginia, and Hampton Virginia.    Our Region includes all of the cities in the Hampton Roads area as well as several surounding cities of Emporia, Suffolk, Smithfield, Petersburg, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.  We primarily host two types of events: Solo and Road Rally.   If you are interested in joining the SCCA, you can complete the membership application on the SCCA national website .
2019 Solo Class Winners
SoloLogoSmall.jpgCongratulations to the following 2019 Solo Championship Class Winners! Each winner will receive a plaque for a class win at our 2019 Solo Championship Awards Dinner in January, date and location TBA. 1st Place Overall - Steve Fehr
2nd Place Overall - Bobby Smith
3rd Place Overall - Roland Wallner

1st Place A Street - Steve Fehr
2nd Place A Street - Melissa Fehr

1st Place B Street - Roland Wallner

1st Place C Street - Jeff Rooney

1st Place D Street - Ben Moore

1st Place E Street - Pete Sherian

1st Place F Street - Calvin Jilek

1st Place H Street - Anthony Dowd

1st Place Super Street - Bobby Smith

1st Place Street Touring Roadster - Nick Lamarche

1st Place Street Touring Sport - Ed Langevin

1st Place Street Touring Xtreme - Keith Kasmire

1st Place Street Modified - Sean Smith

1st Place A Street Prepared - George Stroker

1st Place C Street Prepared - Jeff Schmidt
2nd Place C Street Preparted - Chris Carr
3rd Place C Street Prepared - Jim Ewing

1st Place E Street Prepared - Matt Ford

1st Place X Prepared - Tom Vincent

1st Place F Prepared - Casey Carr

1st Place CAM C - Ted Collier
2nd Place CAM CAM C - Mike Thompson

1st Place CAM S - Paul Knowles

1st Place CAM T - Peter French

1st Place Ladies - Megan Fehr
2nd Place Ladies - Amy Thompson
3rd Place Ladies - Sandra Fehr
4th Place Ladies - Maureen Scully

1st Place Novice -Chris Fairbanks
2nd Place Novice - Rick McNelly
3rd Place Novice - Bryan Tobin
4th Place Novice - Will Lindley
5th Place Novice - Justin Goad
6th Place Novice - Jorge Abril

1st Place Street Tire - Steve Carr.