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The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) is a non-profit organization comprised of about 50,000 members who are dedicated to motorsports, primarily at the grassroots level. Active members enjoy many events offered by the SCCA including road racing, Solo events, and Rally. The SCCA is divided into divisions containing regions. The Old Dominion Region (Number 63) is part of the Southeast Division (SEDiv), which consists of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, middle & eastern Tennessee, the Blue Ridge/Shenendoah region of western Virginia, and Hampton Virginia.    Our Region includes all of the cities in the Hampton Roads area as well as several surounding cities of Emporia, Suffolk, Smithfield, Petersburg, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.  We primarily host two types of events: Solo and Road Rally.   If you are interested in joining the SCCA, you can complete the membership application on the SCCA national website .
Road Rally Rules

The Old Dominion Region uses the current edition of the SCCARoadRally  rules for all of it's Regional, Divisional, and National events.   SCCARoadRally rulebooks are available directly from the SCCA website  (just click on "Merchandise" ) or through ODR's Merchandise Chair.  Cost  for is $15.00 for SCCA members and $18.75 for non-SCCA members.  These rules are usually supplemented by a rally-specific General Instruction (GI) that contains information specifically related to that rally only.  The following are glossary terms that have been defined in past Old Dominion Region GIs:

BFZ - Begin Free Zone

BTZ - Begin Transit Zone

CAS - Change, commence, or continue average speed of the indicated miles per hour

cross - To go completely across

DIY - Do-it-yourself

EFZ - End Free Zone

ETZ - End Transit Zone

key time - The perfect time for passage or departure of car #0 from a point.  Add your car number in minutes to the key time to get your perfect passage or departure time from that point.

MTS - Mileage to sign

SAP - Straight as possible

SI - Signalized Intersection (an intersection controlled by one or more traffic lights which need not to be operating)

SOL - Sign on left

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