Solo Schedule

7:00 AM Gate Open (Setup Workers Only)
7:30 AM Gate Open to General Public
8:30 AM Registration/Tech Opens
9:30 AM Registration/Tech Closes
9:30 AM Novice Walk-Thru
10:00 AM Mandatory Drivers Meeting
10:30 AM First Car Off

Solo Entry Fee

Non-SCCA members: $40.00
SCCA members: $30.00
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Get Real Precise.
The fastest person wins as you test your driving skills around the pylons. There are classes for all types of cars from fully prepared Corvettes and Porsches to stock or slightly modified Miatas, Hondas, and your everyday driver. And driver skill wins every time! If you turn out to be a real "HOT SHOE" there is the SCCA Pro Series and the National Tour Series where the competition is always intense. The Old Dominion Region normally conducts one event per month from April through November. Other clubs in the area also conduct events and most use
SCCA classes. Membership in SCCA is not required, but we do give members preferential treatment at our events. Rule books and membership applications are available at each event. If you want to be involved, but not compete you can meet everyone by working at registration or timing and scoring. You can also become an official Solo Safety Steward by attending an ODR approved school. And of course you are welcome to just watch, but it is lots more fun to get involved so checkout our Solo Championship and Regional Rules pages to get started.

Registration for our events this year will be through Motorsportreg:

Solo Events

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.

Past Solo Champions

2020 - Jeremiah Thomas
2019 - Steve Fehr
2018 - Steve Fehr
2017 - Steve Fehr
2016 - Andrew Carr
2015 - Steve Fehr
2014 - Rusty English
2013 - Jeff Rooney
2012 - Jeff Rooney
2011 - Jacin Lisner
2010 - Jacin Lisner
2009 - Bobby Smith
2008 - Robb Davis
2007 - Jim Haltom
2006 - David Martin
2005 - Jacin Lisner
2004 - Michael Harris
2003 - Jeff Chenery
2002 - Ed Raymundo
2001 - Dale Blankenship
2000 - Eric Bonnett